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After your watch party sessions have concluded, share your opinions – what you liked or didn’t like about the app, what worked for you or what didn’t and what you think needs improving.

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OMEN Oasis Live Beta

We are very excited to let you experience the app for the first time. Oasis Live is a feature of OMEN Gaming Hub designed for a simpler, secure, and optimized experience for gaming. Oasis Live has been designed to let you:

  • Share your PC gaming experience with low latency and great graphics

  • Invite your friends privately through a secured channel

  • Control when your session starts, and who can join it

  • Talk, chat, and have fun together while you play

How to get started

  • Download the OMEN Oasis Live app from the link that is further down on this page. (OMEN Gaming Hub is required to power Oasis Live. The link will also install it if not already available on your system)

  • Log in with your existing HP account or create one using email, Google or Facebook

  • Invite your friends using the “invite button” at the center (your friends will go through a similar process to install the app upon clicking the link. Once installed, they will automatically be added into your session’s waitlist for your approval)

  • Use the END SESSION button to end your session. Nobody can join a session that has ended.

Please check the FAQ section for additional information. We will  be thrilled to hear from you after each session through the Share Feedback link that is further down on this page.  Thanks for participating!​

OMEN Oasis Live requires OMEN Gaming Hub to operate properly. If it’s not already installed on your machine, OMEN Gaming Hub will automatically install alongside Oasis Live.

©2022 by HP OMEN Oasis Live & Usability Sciences

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